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The security translator is responsible for decrypting the secured JZR recordings.

In any chain of translators, the security translator must be placed after the compression one – as the JZR recording contains encrypted recording snapshots – and before the de-obfuscation one.

Important : the security translator cannot work without a valid Jeyzer Monitor commercial license.

The security translator decrypts the recording using an AES 128 key.
AES key is itself secured through RSA.

AES key is either :

  • Dynamic : AES key is provided as part of the recording, in the jzr-recording.key file.
    The RSA private key used to decrypt the AES key is stored locally in the dynamic/master-private.key file.
    The Jeyzer password manager permits to generate the RSA private key.
  • Static : encrypted AES key is kept locally.
    The AES key is already encrypted at installation time and deployed on both Jeyzer Analyzer and Recorder sides.
    Each side owns a Jeyzer RSA public key which permits to decrypt the AES key.
    The Jeyzer password manager permits to generate the encrypted AES key.


Security configuration has its own XML file usually named decryption.xml.

A default security translator configuration is provided in standard.
It is available in the analyzer/config/translators/security directory of your Jeyzer installation.

Decrypted files get stored in the directory and are by default deleted at the end of the analysis. Set the keep_files option to true to keep it.

The mode determines the decryption mode and AES key handling as detailed previously. It is set with either the dynamic or static value.

If static, the path to the encrypted AES key (encrypted_key_file) must be set.

If dynamic, the path to the RSA master private key (master_private_key_file) must be set.

      <static encrypted_key_file="${JEYZER_ANALYZER_CONFIG_DIR}/translators/security/static/encryption.key"/>
      <dynamic master_private_key_file="${JEYZER_ANALYZER_CONFIG_DIR}/translators/security/dynamic/master-private.key"/>