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Profile redirection

Profile redirection permits to dynamically load a master profile based on a remarkable pattern found in the recording.

In practice, the analysis is started using the generic profile in the Jeyzer Web Analyzer and will end up by generating the JZR report using the right applicative profile.

Profile redirection requires :
– A generic master profile (ex: Portal) to provide the profile redirection.
– One or more applicative master profiles (ex : AMQ) to provide one or several remarkable patterns.
Those remarkable patterns are typically application package or class unique names (ex for AMQ : org.apache.activemq.console.Main).

The master profile redirection is optional. If not defined, the current master profile cannot participate in a profile redirection process.
The master profile redirection is only supported through the Jeyzer Web Analyzer.

The generic profile must contain this configuration section :

<profile_redirection enabled="true">

The applicative profile must contain this configuration section :

<id_pattern value="org.apache.activemq.console.Main"/>

Available in Jeyzer 2.6+