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Publishers are media channels for the monitoring events and other monitoring output materials (JZR report, graph pictures).
Publishers are responsible for dispatching those at the end of each monitoring phase.
Do not confuse the monitor publishers with the Jeyzer Publisher.

Publishers can be :

  • mailer : send an alert email to a predefined lit of recipients when any event level is equal to the triggering level threshold (usually set to CRITICAL).
    The email content is configurable through a velocity template.
    An HTML sample is provided in standard to display the list of detected events.
    controlled through the dump_events setting.
    Logger outputs, the JZR report and the graph pictures can added as email attachments if those have the mailer in their respective list of publishers.
    The reemit_published_events indicates if the currently active events must be re-emitted on every monitoring phase. Active by default.
    When inactive, the email sending will occur only at the event generation.
    When active, the JZR report will be generated and sent only once to prevent from polluting the recipient mail boxes with large emails.
    Mail sending can be disabled with the mail_enabled setting.
  • jira : create or update a JIRA ticket with the event and context details and attach it the JZR report.
    See the related JIRA publisher section for more details.
  • zabbix: send events to Zabbix through a Zabbix sender.
    See the related Zabbix publisher section for more details.
  • web : push any of the logger outputs, JZR report and graph pictures under a web doc directory, assuming those have the web in their respective list of publishers.
    The deploy directory indicates the storage place for the monitoring outputs.
    By default, the Tomcat server hosting the Jeyzer Web Analyzer is used to serve the monitoring outputs.
    The url is a prefix URL used to build the final monitoring output URLs.
    It is required when the Jeyzer Monitor is integrated with an APM.
    Web pushing can be disabled with the web_enabled setting.
  • sound : emits sound alerts.
    The sound publisher will beep for critical (long beeps) and warning (short beep) monitoring events
    it is purely prototype at this stage as sounds are very basic. Disabled by default.
    Sound alerts can be activated with the sound_enabled setting.

  <mailer threshold="CRITICAL" reemit_published_events="true">
    <mail mail_enabled="${JEYZER_MONITOR_ALERT_EMAIL_ENABLED}"
          subject="${JEYZER_TARGET_PROFILE} monitoring alert"
      <template directory="${JEYZER_ANALYZER_CONFIG_DIR}/monitor/publishers/mailer" name="mail_content_template.vm"/>

  <jira jira_config_file="${JEYZER_DEMO_MASTER_PROFILES_DIR}/${JEYZER_TARGET_PROFILE}/monitor/publishers/jira/jira.xml"/>

  <web web_enabled="${JEYZER_MONITOR_WEB_ENABLED}"

  <sound sound_enabled="${JEYZER_MONITOR_SOUND_ENABLED}"/>