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The notification section drives the JZR report sharing by email at analysis level.
One usage example is to send an email to the R&D team responsible for the application whom current master profile relates to.

JZR report sending is performed only if the event level threshold (usually critical) is reached by the analysis.

Email sending is disabled by default and is controlled by the JEYZER_ANALYZER_TEAM_EMAIL_ENABLED environment variable.

Email content is templatized using the Velocity framework.
The setup controls the email sending configuration.

<notification threshold="CRITICAL">
  <mail mail_enabled="${JEYZER_ANALYZER_TEAM_EMAIL_ENABLED}" setup="${JEYZER_ANALYZER_CONFIG_DIR}/mail/mail.properties" recipients="jean.doe@company.com" subject="${JEYZER_TARGET_PROFILE} JZR report generated">
    <template directory="${JEYZER_ANALYZER_CONFIG_DIR}/notification/mail" name="mail_content_template.vm"/>

Note : the monitoring profile offers more powerful notification mechanisms.