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Creation guidelines

Follow the below steps to bootstrap any new master profile.
Shared profile creation is detailed here.

Master profile template

In every Jeyzer installation, a master profile template is made available in the profiles/external/master/template directory : feel free to re-use it.
Alternative is to duplicate any existing master profile for convenience when your master profiles share most of their configuration, variables and dependencies.

Creation steps :

  1. Copy the master template directory under any profile root directory
  2. Rename the template directory to the desired profile name
  3. In the new profile directory, rename all the files by replacing the template prefix with the desired profile name
  4. Edit the <new profile>_analysis.xml :
    1. Set the application_type with the desired profile display name
    2. Set or verify that the state is set to “draft”.
    3. Set the profile dependencies (hibernate, log4j..).
    4. Set any required translator (de-obfuscation, security)
  5. Start the Jeyzer Web Analyzer : your profile should be listed in the profile list
  6. Generate JZR reports using the new profile
  7. In the <new profile>_analysis.xml, set the pre filter to determine the best stack coverage.
  8. Fine tune the analysis profile based on the tuning sheets available in the generated JZR report : set the principal applicative analysis patterns in the analysis/patterns.xml.
  9. Activate or add the final applicative sheets in the analysis/report/report.xml and remove the tuning ones.
  10. Setup the sets of monitoring rules required by your application in the <new profile>_monitor.xml
  11. Once ready, set the above state with the “production” value.


A good practice is to store your master profile in a SCM repository under a master profile root directory.
If your master profile concerns an open source project, feel free to submit it to the Jeyzer community : it would be a good candidate for the Jeyzer base repository.
Feel free also to drop a message in the community forum.