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Analysis profile attributes :

  • application_type : the applicative profile name. Must be unique.
    Usage : Jeyzer Web Analyzer / profile list entries
  • application_id : the applicative analysis name.
    Set externally, it identifies an analysis which can be based for example on a node name (monitoring usage) or on an execution context (post-mortem analysis usage).
    Usage : Jeyzer Web Analyzer / report id
  • state : the profile state.
    4 possible values :
    • production: profile is fully operational and is considered as well calibrated, meaning suitable for production and QA environments.
      Impacts :
      • Mandatory in a monitoring usage.
      • Mandatory to allow the JZR report sending as part of the analysis.
      • Jeyzer Web Analyzer will display the JZR report download link depending of the raised level of criticality (red link = critical).
    • draft: profile is in work in progress state.
      Impacts :
      • Jeyzer Web Analyzer will display the JZR report download link in a neutral way.
    • generic: profile is a generic profile. It is considered as operational.
    • disabled: profile is fully de-activated and will be ignored at profile loading time.

Tip : State value of different profiles – all relating to the same applicative group or infrastructure – could be set through one single environment variable to allow their activation in one go.

 <analysis application_type="Demo-features-mx" application_id="${JEYZER_TARGET_NAME}" state="production">

Profile attributes are available in the JZR report session info sheet.