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The compression translator is responsible for decompressing the JZR recording.
It is optional. If not specified, the Jeyzer Analyzer will attempt to read the JZR snapshots available in the recording directory.

A default compression translator configuration is provided in standard.
It is available in the analyzer/config/translators/compression of your Jeyzer installation.

JZR recording format must be zip or tar.gz.
Decompressed files get stored in the directory and are by default not kept at the end of the analysis. Set the keep_files option to true to keep it.

Decompression limits are set to protect against invasive archive files.
The file_size_limit is the maximum archive file size in Mb which can be accepted. If not specified, default value is 100Mb.
The uncompressed_size_limit is the maximum archive content size in Mb which can be extracted. If not specified, default value is 1500Mb.
And the uncompressed_files_limit is the maximum number of files which can be extracted from the archive. If not specified, default value is 5000.
Those limits are particularly important in a web context. The Jeyzer Web Analyzer relies on those : its configuration is then set at the web level.


  <uncompress keep_files="false" directory="${JEYZER_RECORD_DIRECTORY}/uncompressed"/>