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The patterns section contain the analysis patterns applied on the JZR recording.
Those analysis patterns permit to abstract the technical information contained in the process stacks.

The patterns section contain usually one applicative pattern profile and a list of shared pattern profiles (defined in the dependencies section or resolved at analysis time through the automatic loading).
Patterns are loaded and applied in their declaration order.

  <!-- Applicative patterns. Local path or remote url (http, https, ftp) -->
  <pattern_set file="${JEYZER_EXTERNAL_MASTER_PROFILES_DIR}/${JEYZER_TARGET_PROFILE}/analysis/patterns.xml"/>
  <!-- Repository patterns, either local or remote, loaded as per the dependency declaration order -->
  <pattern_sets files="repo://base/@@base-shared-deps@@"/>
  <!-- Automatic loading of shared profiles -->
  <dynamic_pattern_sets declared_repository_only="true"/>