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An operation is a low level process execution step.
It usually translates a technical operation.
It is mapped to a section of code stack composed of 1 or more method signatures.
Operation can be typed to describe a particular contention.

Operations are declared in the Jeyzer analysis profiles.
Operations can also be declared at code level using the Jeyzer Operation annotation (to end up automatically in the underlying Jeyzer analysis profile).

Operation examples :

SSL data encryption, Java list operation, String builder append

Declaration example (source : Java shared profile) :

<operation pattern="StringBuilder.append" name="String builder append" type="String"/>

Annotated code examples (source : Jeyzer Labor demo) :

import org.jeyzer.annotations.profile.Operation;

private void scan(String action) {

@Operation(name="Unexpected exception generation") private void throwException() throws Exception {

public void mssqlTransactionCommit() {