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An exclude is an analysis profile exclusion.
It permits to discard process stacks of no interest at analysis time.
It is usually combined with a size attribute which determines the stack size under which the stack is discarded (Think about small threads sleeping).
It is mapped to a stack method signature – which is the recommended usage – or to a thread name.

Exclude are declared in the Jeyzer analysis profiles.
Exclude can also be declared at code level using the Jeyzer Exclude or ExcludeThreadName annotations (to end up automatically in the underlying Jeyzer analysis profile).

Declaration example (source : Java shared profile) :

<exclude pattern="sun.net.www.http.KeepAliveCache.run" name="HTTP keep alive timer" size="3">

Annotated code examples (source : Jeyzer Labor and Feature demos) :

import org.jeyzer.annotations.profile.Exclude;

public static void main(String[] args) {

@Exclude(name="Inactive demo thread")
private void waitForTermination(){

@ExcludeThreadName(name="Thread to exclude", pattern="ExcludedThreadName",size=10)
public class PingPongPlayer extends Feature {