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An executor represents a process thread type.
It is either based on a stack method signature or on a thread name regular expression.

Executors are declared in the Jeyzer analysis profiles.
Executors can also be declared at code level using the Jeyzer Executor or ExecutorThreadName annotations (to end up automatically in the underlying Jeyzer analysis profile).

Examples :

 Java timer thread, HTTP request

Declaration examples (source : Java shared profile) :

<executor pattern="java.util.TimerThread.run" name="Java timer thread"/>

<executor_thread_name pattern="Keep-Alive-Timer" name="HTTP keep alive timer"/>

Annotated code examples (source : Jeyzer Labor and Feature demos) :

import org.jeyzer.annotations.profile.Executor;

@Executor(name="Job executor")
public void executeJob() {

@ExecutorThreadName(name="Thread executor", patternRegex="ThreadNameExecutor.*")
 public class PingPongPlayer extends Feature {