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Recording organization – Start here

Whatever the recording method, the Jeyzer Recorder requires a recording profile.
This profile is defined in a XML file suffixed with _generation.xml.

Standard profile

By default, the standard recording profile is provided, ready to use.
The standard_generation.xml is available in the recorder/config/profiles/standard of your Jeyzer Ecosystem or Jeyzer Client installation

High level customization

It is possible to use the standard profile and defined some core parameters externally, like for example the recording period.

This is achieved usually in a centralized place : a property file for the Java Agent and a shell script with environment variables for the other recording methods.
In both cases, the variables will be accessed in the configuration.

Profile customization

To start with, duplicate the standard profile directory and rename the directory and files with the desired profile name.

Depending on the recording method, you must follow these instructions :

  • Agent : refer to the README-AGENT.txt available in the recorder directory and read the Agent configuration section.
  • Other methods : customize the recorder startup script recorder/bin/set-jeyzer-params.bat.
    A better option is to set the variables contained in that file externally to scale up the usage.

The current section documents the profile customization in details.

Recording profile examples

Check the demo recording profiles for customization examples.
Those are located in the demo/config/record directory.

The Jeyzer Recorder is also installed with the AMQ and Tomcat recording profiles as those two applications expose MX attributes. Check it under the recorder/config/profiles directory.