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Recording methods

Jeyzer offers three recording techniques (Java agent, JMX, Jstack), declined in five methods. Method name can be set to :

  • AdvancedMXAgent : the Jeyzer Recorder is a Java agent loaded within the monitored process.
    This is the recommended method which offers the best data collection coverage.
  • AdvancedMXVTAgent : the Jeyzer Recorder is a Java agent loaded within the monitored process. It captures virtual threads in a dedicated file.
    This is the recommended method if the monitored application uses virtual threads (introduced in Java 21).
    Since Jeyzer 3.2
  • JMX : Jeyzer Recorder is started as a process accessing the monitored process through its JMX interface.
  • AdvancedJMX : this is a variant of the JMX method in which advanced figures exposed through the JMX figures get collected : CPU, memory, MX applicative data, applicative events.
  • Jstack : Jeyzer Recorder is calling the JDK jstack process and captures its output.
  • JstackInShell : Jeyzer Recorder is calling the JDK jstack through cmd.exe or sh and redirects its output to a file.
<method name="${JEYZER_RECORD_DUMP_METHOD}"/>


Advanced MX configuration

The AdvancedJMX and AdvancedMXAgent configuration is stored separately. The config_file indicates its path file.
Advanced MX configuration is detailed here.

<mx_advanced config_file="${JEYZER_RECORD_CONFIG_DIR}/profiles/${JEYZER_RECORD_PROFILE}/${JEYZER_RECORD_PROFILE}_advanced_mx.xml"/>


JMX parameters

The JMX parameters mainly contain the connection access parameters:

  • connection : the host and port of the JMX server separated by a semi-column
  • user : the connection user, if required
  • password : the connection password, if required
  • capture_deadlocks : indicates if the deadlock information must be captured

Note that the SSL certificate configuration must be provided on the command line or in the start script.

<jmx connection="${JEYZER_TARGET_JMX_ADDRESS}"


Jstack parameters

  • pid : the process pid
  • options : the jstack options.
    • -l option prints dead locks
    • -F option force stacks, to be used when process is hung
<jstack_in_shell pid="${JEYZER_TARGET_PID}" options="-l"/>
<jstack pid="${JEYZER_TARGET_PID}" options="-l"/>