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Demo exercise

The demo exercise permits to practice the simple monitoring and the multiple monitoring with the Jeyzer demos.


Deploy the Jeyzer ecosystem with the Jeyzer Installer.
Select the Jeyzer Monitor product when requested.
For the Monitor publishers, check the JZR report generation and the Web publishing. Leave the other options blank.

Exercise 1 : Simple monitoring – Jeyzer Demo Features

Goal : look at the Jeyzer Monitor outputs.

  • Start the features demo
    Execute the demo/bin/jeyzer-demo-features.bat
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Start the Jeyzer Monitor
    Execute the analyzer/bin/jeyzer-monitor.bat
    PS : this script will monitor by default the features demo.
  • Check the monitoring output contents :
    JZR report :
    Jeyzer Monitor log file:

Exercise 2 : Simple monitoring – Jeyzer Labors

Goal : look at the monitor preset scripts

  • Start the labors demo
    Execute the demo/bin/jeyzer-demo-labors.bat
  • Start the Jeyzer Monitor for the labors demo
    Execute the analyzer/bin/preset/demo-labors/demo-labors-monitor.bat
  • Open the analyzer/bin/preset/demo-labors/demo-labors-monitor.bat
    See the labors specific variables.
    This is typically the file that you would create for a simple monitoring.

Exercise 3 : Multiple monitoring – Three Jeyzer demos

Goal : configure and run the Jeyzer Multi Monitor.

  • Open the profiles/demo/master/multi_monitor.xml
    Review the configuration : two monitoring blocks are defined.
    Duplicate the second block and update its content with the block number : JEYZER_TARGET_PROFILE_3, ${JEYZER_TARGET_PROFILE_3}_node_3
  • Edit the analyzer/bin/jeyzer-multi-monitor.bat
    Set these variables :
    set JEYZER_TARGET_PROFILE_1=demo-features-mx
    set JEYZER_TARGET_PROFILE_2=demo-labors
    set JEYZER_TARGET_PROFILE_3=demo-philosophers

  • Start the Jeyzer Monitor
    Execute the analyzer/bin/jeyzer-multi-monitor.bat
  • Check the Jeyzer Multi Monitor log :
  • Check the monitoring outputs of the demo-philosophers demo:
    Do the same for the other demos.
    Can you explain the messages ?
  • Start the features and labors demos :
    Execute the demo/bin/jeyzer-demo-features.bat
    Execute the demo/bin/jeyzer-demo-labors.bat
    Execute the demo/bin/jeyzer-demo-philosophers.bat
  • Wait 2 minutes
  • Check again the monitoring outputs of the demos:
    Do you have any critical event there ?
    Is there any JZR report generated ?
    Why do we get nothing for the demo labors recording(²) ?

(²) The demo labors is in fact not configured for being monitored.
As soon as the labors demo is done, the demo shutdowns and the JZR recording is immediately created in the archive directory by the Jeyzer Recorder agent (Archive on shutdown option is active on the demo labors recording profile).
This JZR recording is intended for being analyzed in a post-mortem mode.
Therefore, the Jeyzer Monitor will probably not catch anything and will state that the process is not started, which is true..

  • Check the monitoring outputs of the demos through the web
    Monitoring outputs can be served by the Tomcat server (shipped with Jeyzer).
    Open a shell in the web\apache-tomcat-9.0.41\bin of your Jeyzer installation.
    Execute this command : catalina.bat start
    Open your browser and go to these URLs :