Jeyzer Online Analyzer - Guide

The Terms


Important : by acknowledging the terms of usage on the Jeyzer Online Analyzer, you accept that :

  • Your uploaded recording could be reviewed by our support teams to enrich the Jeyzer community profiles.
    Your recording will remain confidential and will therefore NOT be communicated outside of our support platform.
  • Your email (optional) will only be used in the scope of the JZR report : in case we identify a critical issue, we keep the right to contact you.
    No email usage and storage is made outside of this analysis scope.



The analyzer takes a recording tar.gz or gz or zip or jfr file as input.
For demo needs, use one of the recordings below.
For your needs, you have several choices :

  • Use the Jeyzer Recorder agent to get a JZR recording.
    This is the preferred and complete approach.
    Jeyzer Recorder is described here and available here.
  • Use the Java Flight Recorder of your JVM (Java 11+ or latest OpenJdk 8).
    Instructions are available here.
  • For Java 21+ virtual threads (Loom), use on Windows the Jcmd-periodic.bat available in the Jeyzer Recorder distribution.
    On Linux, use this command :
    >watch -n 30 jcmd <pid of your process> Thread.dump_to_file -format=txt /tmp/recording/thread-dump-${date}.txt
  • Perform periodic thread dumps using Jstack.
    This is quick approach although it requires a JDK. Note that the analyzer will provide limited view.
    Linux command (period = 30 seconds) is : > watch -n 30 ‘jstack <pid of your process> > /tmp/recording/thread-dump-${date}.txt’
    Supported thread dump file extensions are .txt,  .jstack,  .dump,  .out,  .dmp, and .log
    Once completed, zip, gzip or tar gz the files.



To analyze your recording, go on the Jeyzer Online Analyzer and follow these steps :

  1. You must accept first the terms of usage (as above) and check the Captcha.
  2. Enter a valid email (optional).
  3. Give a report identifier. It will be part of the JZR report file name.
  4. Fill the issue description (optional). It will be included in the JZR report.
  5. Finally upload your recording in the drop box on the right.
  6. Click on Generate JZR report : the report link will appear on the right.

Analyzer online limitations :
– Recordings are limited to 360 snapshots, meaning a maximum coverage of 3 hours for a 30s sampling period.
– Analysis profile is generic, meaning less powerful than an applicative one.
– Not supported on mobiles and tablets



You do not have any recording and wish to test the Jeyzer Analyzer ?

We made it easy for you.
Just download  a demo recording of your choice below and upload it onto the analyzer.
Jeyzer Analyzer will automatically load the right applicative demo profile.

Demo Labors recording

In the middle of usual activities, 3 incidents occured in this recording : the JZR report must identify it.
Just look at the Detected Incidents and Monitoring Sequence panels.
Source : demo-labors application
Profile : demo-labors

Demo Features recording

This recording simulates various types of program behaviors in the aeronautic area.
This arcade fire permits to take advantage of all the JZR report features.
Navigate inside the multitude of panels : you'll get impressed.
Source : demo-features application
Profile : demo-features