Data collection in one go

Recording black box is required.
Single collection step. 

Standard monitoring data and application events must be recorded.

Must be production compatible, meaning non invasive.


One report for all actors

Standard incident analysis report which can be shared immediately

Adapted for each audience :

 – IT Ops must find remediation instructions and high level overview.

 – Customer support must have the business and technical context
     to guide and explain the issue.

 – R&D must get the issue technical background
     to propose a code fix and/or a workaround.

Great, incident management gets clear and fast with that model

How can Jeyzer help with this ?

Jeyzer materials

JZR recording is the black box.
A compressed file, easy to share.

Analysis report is the JZR report.
This is Excel report, easy to share.


Jeyzer ecosystem

Jeyzer Recorder generates the JZR recording.
This is Java agent.

Jeyzer Web Analyzer generates the JZR report using the JZR recording.
This is post mortem analysis. Incident occurred.

Alternative approach :
Jeyzer Monitor generates the JZR report at run time, by scanning the JZR recording.
This is hot detection of the incident. You take the lead up front.

Jeyzer deployments

Different options :

1 / Jeyzer Monitor is running in the production environment. It must have access to the JZR recording.

2-3-4 / Jeyzer Analyzer can reside at any level.
IT ops provide the JZR recording on demand.

Jeyzer iSAAS

Jeyzer investigation Support As A service.

Delegate your incident analysis to an expert support team.
We’ll then get in touch with the different actors.

You just need to deploy the Jeyzer Recorder.
We do the rest.

Other usages

Jeyzer can be used in other contexts than the incident analysis.

R&D can adopt it in their QA environment to detect upfront anomalies with the Jeyzer Monitor or the Jeyzer Analyzer.

JZR reports permit also to identify performance bottlenecks
and perform code quality analysis on all executed Java programs.

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