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Applicative events

Applicative rules permit to handle the events published by the monitored application through the Jeyzer Publisher interface and captured by the Jeyzer Recorder.

Applicative events are very useful when correlated with the Jeyzer monitoring events to understand any critical issue appearance.

Applicative events can be either system, session or task ones and do represent an applicative notification like a service starting, an applicative sanity check or an incident declaration.

Applicative events do carry a level and sub level, an applicative code (mapped to a rule reference id) and event information.

Applicative events can also carry a tracking system ticket id.
The tracking system ticket id permits to link the event to a JIRA ticket for example : this is helpful when investigating exotic incidents.
If the JIRA publisher is enabled, the JIRA ticket will be automatically updated with the – usually critical – detected event details.

Applicative events can be one shot or time bounded. In progress events will be published in every recording snapshot.

Applicative events are not subject to rule election : applicative rules are therefore only event medias plugged inside the Jeyzer monitoring engine.

Applicative rules are declared along with rule sets using the all_applicative_rules, task_applicative_rules, session_applicative_rules and system_applicative_rules

Applicative rules can be filtered by applicative event code (= rule reference internally) with the exclude_ref_patterns and include_ref_patterns.
See the monitoring profile documentation for declaration details.