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Shared profile remote access : how to disable it ?


I noticed that the analyzer tries to connect to shared profiles on the Jeyzer github repository.
Is it possible to disable it ?


Hello Jack,

Yes, it is possible.

Open the profile repository definition file and set its local_first attribute to true.
This will force Jeyzer to look for the shared profiles locally first.

In your case, as you mention the Jeyzer GitHub repository, you must edit the "base" profile repository file :
<Jeyzer Home>/analyzer/config/repositories/base.xml

<repository id="base" local_first="true" remote="" local="${JEYZER_BASE_SHARED_PROFILES_DIR}" />

This will work out of the box as every Jeyzer installation contains a local copy of the Jeyzer base repository inside this directory :
<Jeyzer Home>/profiles/baseĀ 

Note that - by doing so - you won't benefit from the latest profile updates pushed on GitHub.

For more information, see also this profile repository configuration article on the online documentation.