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Jeyzer 2.7 release available !

Jeyzer 2.7 is now available !!

Check it out on Docker or download the Jeyzer installers.

Release notes :

Jeyzer Analyzer

  • Java 17 LTS support (JEYZ-58)
    Certified on the Amazon-correto jdk 17.0.4_8
    Tested on Oracle OpenJDK 17.0.2 and Azul 17.0.4.
    The Docker distribution of Jeyzer is now running with the Amazon-correto 17 image.
  • Serial garbage collector support (JEYZ-46)
    Serial garbage collector is now supported in standard (JFR and JZR) as it can be used on single processor machines or small VMs/containers.
    Limitation : JFR does not provide the associated memory pool figures (unlike the Jeyzer Recorder).
  • Locker rule priority increased to improve the automatic filtering (JEYZ-52)
  • The process card sheet now displays the GC old and young names (JEYZ-48)
  • The Session Info sheet displays now the list of matching shared profiles (JEYZ-55)
  • The JVM Flags sheet automatically hides the Default flags (JEYZ-56)
    The auto_filter_default_flags in the JVM Flags sheet configuration (jvm-flags.xml) permits to disable it :
    <origin auto_filter_default_flags="false">
  • The Top stacks sheet displays now the executor (JEYZ-54)
  • GC old and young names are now exposed as process card properties : and (JEYZ-48)
  • Bug fix JEYZ-43 : Capture time (duration) usage on the JRockit parser was used as a time stamp
  • Bug fix JEYZ-45 : Menu sheet displayed an invalid counter for the Task sequence group sheet
  • Bug fix JEYZ-49 : CPU Runnable vs CPU capacity monitoring rule did not manage the JFR CPU count
  • Bug fix JEYZ-50 : Jrockit parsing failed on variant
  • Bug fix JEYZ-51 : Invalid zip file error handling improved
  • Bug fix JEYZ-53 : JFR - thread events can be null
  • Bug fix JEYZ-57 : JFR - parsing failed on unexpected duplicate JFR thread events. Those duplicate events are now ignored.

Jeyzer Analyzer Web server

  • Java 17 LTS support (JEYZ-58)
  • JEYZ-44 : JFR 0.9 version -> emit warning with proper solution proposals when Java 8 (old) or 7 are used

Jeyzer Monitor

  • Java 17 LTS support (JEYZ-58)
  • New system monitoring rule : Garbage collector name (JEYZ-47)
    If the garbage collector (old or new) has of the given rule name, generate an event.
  • New standard monitoring rules :
    3 rules have been added to detect the serial GC usage (command line parameter, JVM flag and garbage collector type)

Jeyzer Recorder

  • Java 17 LTS support (JEYZ-58)
  • Serial garbage collector support (JEYZ-46)

Jeyzer Demos

  • Java 17 LTS support (JEYZ-58)
  • Serial garbage collector support (JEYZ-46)
  • The Garbage collector name rule is now supported inside the labor demo (JEYZ-47)

Jeyzer base repository

  • Apache HTTP client shared profile added
  • Apache HTTP core shared profile added
  • Apache openejb shared profile added
  • AWS shared profile added
  • Azure shared profile added
  • Bouncy castle shared profile added
  • Eclipse shared profile added
  • GraalVM shared profile added
  • IntelliJ shared profile added
  • Jackson shared profile added
  • Jodd-HTTP shared profile added
  • Latency utils shared profile added
  • Log4j rules added (CVE-2021-44228 detection)
  • MongoDB shared profile added
  • MSSQL shared profile added
  • Pulsar shared profile added
  • Qpid shared profile added
  • Quarkus shared profile added
  • Synapse shared profile added

Upgrade instructions (optional)

  • JZR report configuration for the JVM Flags sheet, if you did customize the jvm-flags.xml.
    To filter the large set of Default JVM parameters when the sheet is accessed, add the auto_filter_default_flags="true" to the <origin> node.