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Jeyzer 2.1 release available !

Jeyzer 2.1 is now available !!

Check it out on Docker or download the Jeyzer installers.

Release notes :

Jeyzer Monitor

  • JIRA Cloud integration through the JIRA REST v3 API.
    Jeyzer Monitor will create or update JIRA items for the important encountered monitoring events.
    See the JIRA publisher documentation for setup instructions.
  • Monitoring rules do now provide an optional ticket field to store any ticket system reference (like a JIRA ticket id).
    Ticket value is used as part of the above JIRA integration to update existing JIRA tickets.
    Tickets are displayed in the JZR report Monitoring Rules sheet.
  • Bug fix : Monitor failed when stickers configuration was not set

Jeyzer Analyzer Web server

  • Email submitter default value is now configurable through the JEYZER_WEB_DEFAULT_SUBMITTER_EMAIL environment variable.
    If not provided, it is set to Set it to an invalid email value (without @) to force people entering it.

Jeyzer Analyzer

  • JZR report has been enhanced with a better cell comment display : comments get sized proportionally to their content.
  • Stacks are now displayed without empty Jzr fields in the JZR reports : improves the readability.

Jeyzer Demos

  • Master demo profiles moved to the Github demo repository
  • Labors and Features projects do include a JIRA configuration
    You just need to update its configuration to connect it to your own JIRA Cloud instance
    The JIRA authentication key generation is described here.
  • Labors demo can accept now a specific list of jobs to execute with the start parameter : jobs=<comma separated list of job names>
    To get the list of jobs, use the start parameter list.
  • Features demo theme is now aircraft related

Jeyzer Publisher

  • Ticket support on the applicative events (like JIRA ticket id)

Jeyzer Recorder

  • Ticket support on the applicative events (like JIRA ticket id)



Jeyzer Ecosystem 2.1 : install the new version and make it point to your profile repository.
You may update your master profiles to set up the JIRA integration.

Jeyzer Recorder 2.1 : replace the previous installation directory with the new one.



Previous Jeyzer configurations remain compatible with this new version.

JZR recordings generated with previous Jeyzer versions remain compatible with this new version.